The UserCentriCities project brings together European cities to deliver:

  1. A benchmarking dashboard for measuring user centric public services
  2. A support toolkit to improve service delivery
  3. A knowledge sharing community to learn from best practices
  4. A platform to connect the EU policy debate with the real-life practices of local digital services.

For more information, look at the about and results page.


Latest news

Barcelona wants to measure its performance in digital services that put people at the centre, and they are not alone.
Alongside the audience of European policymakers, cities and regions presented outstanding user-centric public services at UserCentriCities' first progress meeting.
Since 4 February 2021 and the first UserCentriCities co-creation session, UCCs’ consortium has been working on ‘translating’ the Tallinn Declaration into adapted and operational recommendations. And now it is out and publicly available!
When users are at the centre of cities’ design, it also means translating big abstract concepts into practical terms. Talking to Jochem Cooiman, Innovation officer at the City of Rotterdam, we peak into the concept of user-centricity and the learning path of cities involved into the UserCentriCities project.

On 23 March 2021, cities and regions from the project UserCentriCities gathered once again for a co-creation session around the deliverable D1.1: Baseline survey report. This document is based on a survey sent to cities and regions from February to March 2021.