27 Cities and Regions Participate in The 2023 UserCentriCities Award

The User-centric Services Repository is a unique online inventory of best practices in user-centric local public services. It gathers digital public services that excel in user-centricity and are designed and delivered by local administrations. Moreover, it serves as a place for inspiration and knowledge exchange for other European cities and regions that wish to transform their public services to better serve people’s needs.

From municipal chatbox to digital twins, this year’s submissions to the UserCentriCities Award showcase how European cities and regions are leading in user-centricity and digital transformation in their administrations. A high-level jury composed of experts from the EU Commission, OECD, NGOs and academia will have the task to evaluate 44 services and selecting three finalists. The winner will be announced during the 2023 UserCentriCities Summit in Brussels and will receive the award for “Best user-centric service in European cities and Regions”.

In the meantime, we invite you to browse the Repository compiling over 75 services to learn more about how European local administration put people’s needs at the heart of their services.

García-Blásquez Lahud
3 May 2023