Service Design Toolkit

This toolkit consists of handbooks and tools that support the adoption of a user-centric approach in the design of digital public services. It has been compiled in collaboration with OECD OPSI Toolkit Navigator, a curated collection of freely available toolkits, methodologies and case studies for public sector innovation.

In addition, you will find methods and handbooks developed and utilised by the UserCentriCities partner cities and regions in their own user centric service development, complemented with commentary videos by the city developers.

We are constantly developing the toolkit and welcome any feedback to! The UserCentriCities community also warmly recommends you to explore more inspiring tools in the OPSI Toolkit Navigator.

Handbooks for understanding the general idea behind design thinking and how to put user understanding at the heart of development activities. This section is meant for people involved in the public service development or anyone wanting to familiarise themselves with the basics of design thinking. 

Practical tools and methods that can be utilised in the design and development of user centric services. These items have been selected from OECD's OPSI Toolkit Navigator keeping in mind particularly the development of digital public services. 

Handbooks and methods developed and utilised by the UserCentriCities partner cities and regions in their design of user centric services. You will also find commentary videos and stories by the city developers on how they put citizens to the center of development! The majority of the material is in English, however, some of the publications are in their original language.