Digital government leaders talk about designing public services around users’ needs. Today, there is a unique opportunity to achieve this long standing goal across all European administrations. The recently proposed Digital Compass – a 10-year programme for European digital transformation – commits governments to move all key public-service delivery online within the European Union by 2030 and offers key assistance: a €7.5 billion digital Europe programme to help fund this goal. By 2023, all European public administrations will be required to provide their services through a “single digital gateway.” How can we put the citizen first in this new wave of digital government? What are the key steps that successful governments have taken to make their services more accessible? 

At this open and interactive high-level summit, leading decision makers and experts from European, national and local administrations will share their experience with experts and other private-sector participants on delivering user-centric services at scale. The goal is not more discussion and debate; the goal is mutual learning and first steps towards scaling up and broadening adoption across Europe. 

The discussions will be fed by User-Centricity: What It Means, How It Works, Why It’s Needed, a new policy brief that will launch in the margins. It includes a five-point roadmap and draws on the experience of leading cities and regions in the UserCentriCities movement.

Wednesday, 10 November 

16h00-17h30 CET 


  • Boštjan Koritnik, minister for public administration, Slovenia

Special Presentation: 

  • David Osimo, director of research, the Lisbon Council, co-author, User-Centricity: What It Means, How It Works, Why It’s Needed

VIP Panel: 

  • Lorena Boix-Alonso, director, digital society, trust and cybersecurity, DG communications networks, content and technology, European Commission 
  • Roberta Cocco, co-chair, advisory committee for digital public administration, ministry of technological innovation and digital transition, Italy    
  • Tjaša Ficko, deputy mayor, Ljubljana
  • Peter Grum, director-general, information technology directorate, ministry for public administration, Slovenia
  • Matteo Lai, co-founder and CEO, Empatica
  • Kyriakos Pierrakakis, minister of state and digital governance, Greece 

The Summit will take place online. Details on how to join will be shared later with registered participants. Please register by sending a request to with “UserCentriCities Summit” in the subject heading.

8 October 2021