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Virtual Desk - Turin

City / Region

Turin (Italy)

In a nutshell

The service allows to book an appointment with a public counter and to have a conversation with a public servant by a video call service. The virtual appointment makes it possible to share and exchange documents with the operator, making use of the classic conference systems, such as microphone and webcam start and stop, desktop sharing, file exchange and chat, as well as more specific tools, such as the photographic snapshot to support person recognition. 

The software used is open source, based on the Jitsi platform and delivered in an as-a-service logic.


What makes the service user-centric?
The service is available to all citizens owners of national id credentials to access the online services of the Public Administration.
The citizen, booked by the service, has also the possibility of canceling or changing the date and time of the appointment.
In 2023 more than 50 Virtual Desks are active.
What impact has the service had?
The service, born in the pandemic period due to Covid-19, has guaranteed the continuity of many public services typically used through a physical counter. Officials, by secure private networks, can connect with citizens even from their homes or from their workstations. Like all the online services of the City of Turin, the service is also available using mobile devices.
How was the service co-created?
The analysis mainly involved counter staff who have been working in direct contact with citizens for years.


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