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Nursery school enrollment - Turin

City / Region

Turin (Italy)

In a nutshell

The service allows to submit the application for enrollment to attend municipal, state and affiliated nursery schools and to manage all the subsequent phases for acceptance of the assigned place or for renunciation.

The communication of the enrollment is published on the website of the Municipality of Turin every week. The applicant is also notified of the admission by SMS to the number set in the contact details.


What makes the service user-centric?
The service is available to all citizens who intend to enroll their children in a city nursery school.
Registration requires the use of national id credentials to access the online services of the Public Administration.
Data of the applicants is automatically loaded into the form according to the information already held by the City of Turin.
The service provides assistance by a telephone contact or a support request form.
What impact has the service had?
The service has allowed a significant reduction in the use of internal resources. It's possible to integrate school rankings at the city level, and not just at the district level. Citizens can submit a single request which is valid for each type of school, whether municipal or state, simplifying and reducing the number of enrollment requests.
How was the service co-created?
The analysis carried out for the creation of the service involved, in addition to the administration offices in charge, also the operators of the schools who work in direct contact with the citizens to bring out which were the main requests and which the main difficulties encountered by citizens.


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