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Murcia Citizen App – “TuMurcia” - Murcia

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Murcia (Spain)

In a nutshell

Murcia’s Citizen Application, TuMurcia, is accessible on mobile devices as well as on citizen’s computers/laptops through their browser. Using this App, Citizens can;

- Provide instant feedback regarding imperfections in the public domain (e.g. notifying the municipality of broken lighting, street furniture, etc. or even “large” un-notified furniture or building waste disposals, graffiti vandalism, etc.).

- Provide the Municipality with ideas, initiatives, suggestions, proposals, etc. sent directly by residents/citizens.

- Citizens can vote and/or provide feedback on municipal strategies and draft versions of municipal regulations, with direct access to all ongoing citizen participation processes.

- Online real/live attention to citizens through direct chat, M-F 08.00-18.00 for consultation(s) to the municipality.

- All official and municipal information regarding COVID-19 grouped in a single landing page.

- Direct link to download the 010 Accessible App, the direct attention for citizens with hearing impairment App of Murcia Municipality.

The target audience is any citizen over 16 years of age, using smart devices like a mobile phone or tablets, and wanting to communicate with city hall regarding any of the mentioned options.

What makes the service user-centric?
Any citizen can use this app to fit their specific needs and their desire to participate and communicate with and to the municipality what their opinion is on specific topics, what they need, how they want to improve their neighbourhood, etc.
Reporting a broken item in the public domain could not be easier, e.g. in the same instant and on the spot, citizens use their phone and type „public bench broken“, having the option to either indicate where or simply geolocating themselves, as well as adding pictures. Citizens are thanked for their contributions, and when the municipality fixes the bench the notifyer(s) receive a message indicating their signalled „imperfection“ has been remedied, letting citizens know that the problem won’t bother them anymore.
Also regarding the municipalities strategies and ordinances, the process is user-centred insofar citizens have the possibility to offer their opinion and viewpoints, suggest changes, etc. It brings the city’s management closer to them and their daily lives, which is precisely the domain our municipal policies impact.
The TuMurcia App is part of the Murcia Smart City Strategy, that aims to personalise attention to every individual user, under the philosophy/slogan "500 thousand municipalities for 500 thousand citizens". This is in direct reference to the user-experience being individual and in line with the citizens interests, concerns, etc.

This online initiative is in accordance with several of the Tallin Declaration on eGovernment principles. For example:
3.1 & 3.2 The process is online and open to all, using the app on smartphone or tablet, or even through the browser of a computer or laptop. Assistance in using the app is available through either the direct chat or via telephone call, as well as the online manual of use.
The app is accessible through the municipal webpage and is direct, straightforward and easy to understand, as well as having clear instructions.
3.3 & 3.7 The forms are easy and comprehensive so no extraordinary effort is required by citizens in a completely digital process. As in all apps, platforms, etc. the process and participation of citizens are in compliance with all data protection requirements.
3.4 & 3.6 The process takes place fully online, people can follow up on their inputs and are informed about progress, the only cost for citizens being the time they want to invest in participating. Furthermore, as the municipality has an ample network of libraries with computers and internet access available, this service is also available for people that do not have the means to use the app.
3.5 & 3.8 The App asks for direct citizen participation and involvement, to directly influence either municipal policy and public services, or improving the city and the public domain. People can directly interact with the local administration to address the variety of available options, or choose to engage in direct live contact via chat within the established hours.
What impact has the service had?
The app simplifies the process of citizen participation and communicating with the municipality to achieve a sounding-board for their concerns and maintain the public domain in optimal conditions. Citizens are more aware of the city’s strategies and ordinances, and the barriers in communication are slowly disappearing.
For the local administration it is an improvement of efficiency and broader access to information, as the process is instantaneous and centralised, as well as receiving references by citizens (geotag, pictures, etc.) that help to assess the situation.
As for the citizens, it simplifies the way of interacting with the municipality and seeing their needs and concerns addressed.

We will soon update the good practice with relevant data regarding use, impact, etc.
How was the service co-created?
The App was developed externally as part of the Murcia Smart City Strategy “MiMurcia”, who held user sessions to benchmark the progress of the app being developed and to ensure citizens would find it easy to use. Co-creation took place on a more basic level, through working groups involving professionals, citizens and civil servants, to address the requirements of the app in the pacification phase of the Smart City Strategy, not whilst developing the app per se. The working group involved 67 people in total (more were invited) divided in 4 “tables”, where we also consider the professionals and civil servants not only to have their “work” view, but also a citizen-view, as they use public services, have families and friends who do, etc.


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