NEW POLICY BRIEF: Help Where It's Most Needed

The Lisbon Council launches Help Where It’s Most Needed: How Leading Administrations are Using ‘Proactive Public-Service Delivery’ to Aid Citizens, providing cutting-edge evidence developed by the 28-member UserCentriCities consortium. Relying on a thorough review of digital public-service provision state-of-the-art and interviews with experienced civil servants, the policy brief examines successful case studies in Helsinki, Catalonia and Portugal and outlines an eight-step roadmap for providing improved public services by better leveraging data that is already in the public domain.

The policy brief was launched during The 2022 UserCentriCities Summit, convened in the margins of the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. It featured city chief information officers, digital government experts and policymakers to share experiences, analyse evidence and brainstorm together at the cutting edge of digital government and the crucial role of cities and regions. Keynoted by Petro Olenych, deputy mayor and chief digital transformation officer in Kyiv and joined by a panel of remarkable experts Núria Espuny i Salvadó, director-general, digital administration and organisation in the Catalonia Region; Tomas Lehtinen, head of data in Helsinki; and Oleg Polovynko, chief information officer of Kyiv discussed how governments are increasingly relying on digital technologies to provide proactive assistance to residents, particularly those who are most in need, as well as to make services more accessible and responsive.

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17 November 2022